We want our families and students to love DCA.

And like all relationships, you really have to know someone to love them.

So DCA is not a fit for everyone. It exists to solve a specific problem in a certain way.

It isn't a fit for families that don't have that problem, or don't want our approach to solving it.

We have a duty and an opportunity to help each other discover if DCA and your family are a fit.

Use the lists below to help you gauge if DCA is the right place and now is the right time.

Could be a Great Fit

  • I think traditional school is broken
  • I want my children to be challenged
  • I want to be a founding family
  • I want God in the center of the school
  • I want to be part of creating something new
  • I want my kids to think for themselves
  • I want my kids to be prepared for life
  • I want DCA to look very different
  • I am agile and comfortable with change
  • I know that growth is through the struggle

Probably Not a Fit

  • Our current school is fine
  • The school should have everything figured out
  • I want a traditional school experience
  • My kids need to be told what to do
  • College is the only path after high school
  • We shouldn't have to pay for education
  • Scores, grades & rankings are important
  • DCA should align to government education
  • Certification means a teacher is good
  • DCA should look like my school experience