When did you launch?

DCA officially launched Fall 2022. Our first founding families started in Fall 2021.

What grade levels do you offer?

DCA is a K-12 school. We do not have pre-K.

What is tuition?

$17,500/yr for high school. $15,000/yr for K-8. Tuition is paid automatically every month for 9 months.

Do you have financial aid?

Yes. Accepted families can apply for need-based assistance.

What is the calendar year?

School starts September after Labor Day and ends the last week in May. Students are in session for 6-week sprints with 1-week breaks in between. Additionally, they have a longer Christmas and Spring break.

When does school start and end each day?

9:00-2:15 for K-8. High School is 8:30-2:15. We do not currently have a before or after school program. Let us know if you would be interested.

What is the student-teacher ratio?

We believe in student-driven learning and want as few adults in the way of student learning as possible. Rather than a small ratio, we actually want empowered students who understand their routine, their projects, and can drive their own learning and time management. So we strive for a larger ratio and keep our Guides free to support and coach. Having said that, we have a maximum of 30 students per studio with a lead and an assistant Guide, making our guide to student ratio less than 20:1, and less than 15:1 in K.

Are you accredited?

Did you know only 5% of Americans think traditional school is working? Yet almost all schools are accredited… Something seems off about that, right? We're forging a new path in accreditation, focusing on Life-Ready Leadership Academies like ours. Plus, we're always accountable to our paying families, ensuring we deliver on our promises every month.

How are students grouped?

Students are grouped in blended age groups we call studios. There is a kindergarten studio, a 1st-2nd studio, a 3rd-4th studio, a 5th-6th studio, a 7th-8th studio, and a 9-12th studio.

Can high school students meet the a-g requirements?

Yes. For all students planning to attend a University of California or California State college, they need their core academic credits to satisfy "a-g requirements". Those students can take their courses remotely with one of our approved partners. a-g requirements are only relevant for UC or Cal State bound students. Example.

Do you offer AP or Dual Enrollment?

Yes. Students who want to get AP or college credit for their work can take their courses through an approved college program.

Do you have sports?

Absolutely, and building. We currently have Academy teams for cross country, tennis, mountain biking, and basketball. Plus Academy athletes compete in dozens of other sports from volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, golf, equestrian sports, rugby and comp cheer.

What are "guides"?

We flip the traditional school model and put the student at the center of their learning. Thus students are learners, and pursue their interests and passions with the help of a "Guide". A guide is a person with a heart for your kids, a history of real-world achievement, and an entrepreneurial mindset to continually innovate our school and challenge your students.

Are students on the computer all day?

Not even close. While technology plays a role in some individual courses in the morning, the bulk of our day is all about interaction, collaboration, and hands-on learning. Think discussions, projects, and challenges that really get students engaged with each other and their subjects. And younger students use technology even less.

Do Academy graduates go to college?

If they want to. So far, 100% of our graduates chose college and have been accepted to their top choice university and awarded scholarships. Plus some students choose to graduate early or get a head start with dual enrollment.