Meaningful learning for a meaningful life requires "purpose". Purpose comes from a Creator. DCA helps kids find and pursue their purpose by making the relationship between the student and their Creator the foundation of their experience.


Students learn best when the learning is relevant - when they know "why" they are learning it. Interesting projects that they choose allow students to learn across the subjects about topics they care about while building their confidence in themselves.


People learn from their peers, and a peer doesn't have to share the same year of birth. Mixed age learning studios allow students to collaborate with older students, younger students, and other students their age. They learn more and grow more confident.


The hero of the student's story is the student, not the teacher at the front of the classroom. DCA puts students in the driver seat of their learning. They take ownership of what, when, and how they want to learn. The result is more learning in less time.


Students perform better in school when their families are involved. And home life is better when school supplements the family, not distracts from it. DCA is designed to help your family live more today while preparing your student for life tomorrow.


The best learning comes through discovery. And that happens through transformative experiences. As often as possible, we disrupt our student routines with excursions into the world to get out of comfort zones, get hands-on, and learn about themselves.